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The Four Corners region of the Colorado Plateau is comprised of some of the world's most spectacular landscapes.  This also happens to be the place that photographer Branson Reynolds is fortunate to call home.

Branson has a background in the fields of zoology and archeology. He turned his passion for photography into his profession, and we are thankful for that. His work has appeared in numerous publications including Sierra, The New York Times, Outdoors, Time/Life Books, WildLife Conservation, and many others. Among The Aspen, published by Northland Press, features his photographs along with the writing of naturalist David Peterson and his book, One Drive in a Million, published by Desert Dolphin Press, is a guide to the San Juan Skyway of Southwest Colorado.

For those of you who are interested in photography and/or the American West, Branson offers a series of photography workshops through out the year. He promises to take you to the best places to witness the magic of the western light as it illuminates the land. In addition to photography, you'll also learn about the area's natural and cultural history. "The goal", as Branson notes, "is to return with a deeper understanding of the land, with some of the most outstanding photographs you have ever taken, and to experience an adventure and have some fun in the process."

For more information: Branson Reynolds

Paul Vlachos and Peggy Jordan have been traveling the back roads and secondary highways of the United States since 1995 in search of old motels. They have a particular love for the West: its deserts, hot springs and long, lonely roads.

Both native New Yorkers, Paul is a writer and photographer who has spent way too much time in the new media industry. After being seduced by the Great American West, his great love in life is combining photography with Western travel.

Peggy is a painter and photographer who learned her craft in the Bronx and the rougher side of Baltimore. She currently lives and works in Honolulu and remains continually fascinated at how photogenic tourists can be.

Paul and Peggy find the time to hook up once or twice a year for extended driving and camping trips west of the Rockies, finding special joy in the Colorado Plateau, the Great Basin and the Mojave deserts.

They are currently working together on a book of their travels, as depicted through essays and photographs of various signs they've encountered and pictured along the way.

For more information: Paul Vlachos